Cemile (İngilizce)

Çevirmen: Cengiz Lugal
Orijinal Dili: Türkçe
Orijinal Adı: Cemile
ISBN: 9786051415932
Sayfa: 175
Ebat: 13,5 X 19,5
Cilt: Ciltsiz
Kağıt: 3. Hamur
Grafiker: Utku Lomlu
Basım Tarihi: 07.01.2013
Son Basım : 31.03.2022  3.Baskı


Cemile, a love story, is speaking out the struggle of the poor for survival and resistance. Orhan Kemal is telling the story of the naive love between a Bosnian girl, Cemile who is a worker and a poor clerk Necati, emphasizing the power of solidarity and friendship against the poverty and hostility. With his straightforward style, Orhan Kemal is portraying Cemile as a striking painting.

Cemile, is among his unforgettable works. 

Orhan Kemal's titles are amongst those rare treasures one encounters in life. Only a few other authors can impress and shape the reader he does. Orhan Kemal shows us the way to gain hope and he optimistic again.