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 Kitaplar Contemporary Turkish Literature Ada Göre | Tarihe Göre
A Memento for Istanbul
Ahmet Ümit

A thrilling tale which moves back and forth through time, from the early days of Byzantium to the thriving metropolis of Istanbul...

A corpse is discovered at the base of the statue of Atatiirk in old Istanbul, an antique coin left in its hand...

But it's not to be the last corpse and the bodies soon begin to pile up...

And so the hunt for the killers begins...

Seven murders, seven sovereigns, seven coins and seven ancient monuments, with one thread binding them all: the history of one of the world's most mysterious and most dazzling cities.

"The sea was shrouded in a mist, our boat hidden from view. Istanbul was lost in the mist. Only the minarets of Sultanahmet Mosque, the dome of the Hagia Sophia and the turrets ofTopkapi Palace were visible above the haze.

The city seemed unblemished and pure, unharmed and untouched, the white mist veiling anything and everything which could blight the view. It was like a vision from an ancient ...Devamı

A Momentary Delay
Reha Çamuroğlu

Reha Çamuroglu has always been known to tackle controversial issues in ingenious and highly clever ways. Now this best selling author turns his pen to the assassination attempt of Abdulhamid II. On the 21st of July, 1905, just as the Sultan is about to leave the Hamidiye Mosque after the Friday prayers, a heavy explosion shakes up the Yıldız Palace.

The mission: eliminating the Red Sultan.

The suspects: Armenian conspirators.

But what role does the Belgian anarchist play in this scheme? And will the Turkish special agent figure out his plans on time?

Reha Çamuroğlu's powerful take on this assassination plot not only shines a light to the last days of Abdulhamid II, it gracefully ponders at the attempts to bring down an empire as its end draws near. Inspired from a verse by the most important poet on his time, Tevfik Fikret, A Momentary Delay is an exhilarating, enticing novel. ...Devamı

A Tale Within A Tale
Ahmet Ümit

The tales in this book, I heard from my mother. My mother heard them from a storyteller nearly sixty years ago. It seems my grandfather never thought twice about hiring a storyteller to warm the cockles of his little girl's heart. She listened to many stories, though she couldn't always recall them, she passed many along to me, as well, though I couldn't recall them all either. To tell the truth, I had long since forgotten even the stories in this book. Years later, I returned to my father's house in Antep and my mother just so, happened to tell them again to me. I was captivated by the beauty of the stories laid before me. To her credit, my mother was a superb storyteller, but it wasn't just my mother's eloquence that affected me. The secret to the beauty of these stories lays hidden in their striking literary form and the profound messages in their content. The basic nature of humankind so matter-offactiy unfolded in front of one's eyes, it was impossible not to admire these narr ...Devamı

Cemile (English)
Orhan Kemal

Cemile, a love story, is speaking out the struggle of the poor for survival and resistance. Orhan Kemal is telling the story of the naive love between a Bosnian girl, Cemile who is a worker and a poor clerk Necati, emphasizing the power of solidarity and friendship against the poverty and hostility. With his straightforward style, Orhan Kemal is portraying Cemile as a striking painting.

Cemile, is among his unforgettable works.

Orhan Kemal's titles are amongst those rare treasures one encounters in life. Only a few other authors can impress and shape the reader he does. Orhan Kemal shows us the way to gain hope and he optimistic again. ...Devamı

Empress Theodora
Radi Dikici

This forceful novel by Radi Dikici is the first to explore the Rill scope of Empress Theodora's reign, complete with surviving documents that record the forty-eight years of her life.

Amongst the women that ruled the world as queens, tsarinas, sultans, and the like, there has never been an empress as powerful as Theodora. She alone seized the crown for herself and everyone else acknowledged her royalty.

History portrayed her as a woman indulging in her sexuality, assuming that there is smoke, there is fire; but also applauded her as an empress that saved the Byzantium Empire from sudden threats with her strong will.

In this enchanting novel, the reader will see both the weaknesses and the triumphs of Theodora and be dragged alone to the captivating schemes of the Byzantium Empire.


Face To Face
Ayşe Kulin

"When I stayed at the farm over the weekends, Zelha's grandfather used to gather his grandchildren and myself around him regaling us with his memories. Not only did he tell us the stories but the embellished them with appropriate folk songs. We girls preferred the stories involving love and the boys liked the war epics. These incredible unknown details would explain why the Kurds and the Turks both stayed together and confronted each other." ...Devamı

Farewell: A Mansion in Occupied Istanbul
Ayşe Kulin

A Mansion in Occupied İstanbul Best Novel Award 2008. Set in İstanbul during the last days of the Empire, Ayşe Kulin's novel accounts the collapse of the Ottomans. It is a story of human suffering and tragedy.

By choosing to tell her story of an era through the eyes of a particular family living in a particular mansion in a city besieged, Ayşe Kulin follows in the tradition of the great historical novel. ...Devamı

In Jail with Nâzım Hikmet
Orhan Kemal

Bursa prison, mid-winter 1940. Two prisoners meet, both writers, both serving long sentences for allegedly inciting Turkish soldiers to mutiny. One is Turkey's most famous poet, Nâzım Hikmet. The other is a young, aspiring poet, Orhan Kemal, who now finds himself sharing a celi with the man whose work he has long admired.

Orhan Kemal in Jail with Nâzım Hikmet examines the background to the imprisonment of a number of emerging and established writers at a turbulent time in Turkey's history and the way politics shaped the literary canon. No is this more evident than in the writings of two people: Nâzım Hikmet in poetry and Orhan Kemal in prose.

The second part of the volume, Three and a half Years with Nâzım Hikmet, is a collection of reminiscences Orhan Kemal describes how the older poet inspired him to become one of Turkey's most popular and successful short story writers and novelists. ...Devamı

İstanbullu (English)
Buket Uzuner

I am Istanbul, city of cities, mistress of metropolises, community of poets, seat of emperors, favorite of sultans, pearl of the world! And of all the world's cities, I am without doubt the most magnificent, mysterious and terrible, a city upon whose shores pagans, Christians, jews and unbelievers, friend and foe alike, have found safe harbor through the ages, a place love and betrayal, pleasure and pain, live side by side.

I, daughter of poseidon, miracle of the argonauts, empress of medieval cities, the harbinger of a new age, whose star shines anew in the 21st century, am the city of prosperity and ruin, of defeat and glad tidings, blue as hope, green as poison, rosy as dawn, I am Istanbul: I am in the judas tree, in acacia, in lavender; I am turquoise!

My name is Istanbul. ...Devamı

Last Train to Istanbul
Ayşe Kulin

When Selva, the daughter of one of the few remaining Ottoman Pashas, falls in love with Rafael, a young Jewish man, their families are against their marriage and disown them. Together they go to live in France, but happiness eludes them there too. With the advent of the Second World War they get caught up in Hitler's web of terror. While the Nazi grip tightens around them they live with the fear of being rounded up and sent to a concentration camp.

At the same time Turkey is desperately trying to avoid being drawn in to the war, walking the tightrope between the Axis and the Allies very carefully.

In this new novel Ayse Kulin successfully follows through both the developments in her country during the war and the lives of Selva and Rafael in Europe. The story moves back and forth between Istanbul and Marseilles, Ankara and Cairo and Paris, to Berlin and back to Istanbul. In so doing it also highlights the courageous work of the Turkish diplomats who risked their liv ...Devamı

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Çok Satanlar
Buket Uzuner
Aslında Hayal
Kürşat Başar
Elveda Güzel Vatanım
Ahmet Ümit
Paul Nizon
Erhan Bener
Tutsak Güneş
Ayşe Kulin
Romantik Bir Viyana Yazı
Adalet Ağaoğlu
İstanbul Bu Gece Yine Sensiz
Selim İleri
Bir Cümlelik Aşklar
Mario Levi
Masal Masal İçinde
Ahmet Ümit


Tekrar Basımlar
Nefes Nefese (Cep Boy)
Ayşe Kulin
Bir Siyah Saçlı Kadının Gezi Notları
Buket Uzuner
Eskici ve Oğulları
Orhan Kemal
Baba Evi / Avare Yıllar
Orhan Kemal
Ağır Roman
Metin Kaçan
Nefes Nefese
Ayşe Kulin
Bab-ı Esrar (Cep Boy)
Ahmet Ümit
Yeni Soyadının Hikayesi
Elena Ferrante
Ayşe Kulin
Masal Masal İçinde
Ahmet Ümit
Üstat ile Margarita
Mihail Afanasyeviç Bulgakov
Ayşe Kulin
Uzun Beyaz Bulut: Gelibolu
Buket Uzuner
Ayşe Kulin
Kar Kokusu
Ahmet Ümit
Dorian Gray'in Portresi - Sansürsüz Basım
Oscar Wilde
Uyumsuz Defne Kaman'ın Maceraları: Su
Buket Uzuner
Kumral Ada Mavi Tuna
Buket Uzuner
Şeytan Ayrıntıda Gizlidir (Cep Boy)
Ahmet Ümit
Beyoğlu Rapsodisi (Cep Boy)
Ahmet Ümit
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