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Sarajevo Of Love and WarNational Best Seller from the author of Face to Face, Farawell and Last Train to Istanbul

Ayşe Kulin

Sarajevo Of Love and War
Çevirmen:Kenneth J. Dakan
Boyut:13,5 X 19,5
İlk Basım:07.Oca.2013
Son Basım:07.Oca.2013

Sarajevo was hellish. Stefan didn't even recognize some parts of the city. All the main roads were barricaded. There was always something burning in the middle of the streets...

The deathly silence was ruptured by the staccato report of machine guns; of exploding bombs, of sniper shots.

"The building in Ali Pasino Polye he'd sometimes made love with Nimetawas riddled with holes. Nothing had been left unscathed. Still, life somehow went onf This book tells a love story which florished during the horrendous war in Bosnia between the years 1992-96. Under heavy bombing and tragic conditions love was still possible."